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A Journey Below
for a Taste Above.

The Sacred Cellars of Nimród Wines.

Beneath the rich and varied architecture of Eger lies 60 miles of tunnels that once provided building stone for the town as well as sanctuary from invading Turks. Today these mysterious tunnels serve as cellars to mature the unique wine produced in the Eger region.

Tunnels of love.

The Kovács Nimród winery is located atop seven continuous arched cellars in Eger where we open our doors for tours and tastings seven days a week. Guests are treated to a visit to our cellars, a glimpse into our winemaking techniques, and tasting flights tailored to your palate. We can accommodate groups from 2 to 80 people and lunch or dinner can be arranged for the perfect pairing experience.

If you are a wine enthusiast seeking rich history, rich flavors, and premium, handcrafted wines with limited availability, you’ll want to pour into the Kovács Nimród Winery (Advanced reservations are required. Please email info@NimrodWines.com to let us know when you're planning on come).

If you speak wine, you speak Hungarian.