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The Vineyards, Varietals, and Vintages Everyone is Talking About.

Looking for the next adventure in your glass? Something familiar yet with exotic flair? Join the 1,000-year-old wine craze and legions of wine lovers embracing the New, Old World wines of Hungary and an elevated wine experience.


Distant land. Familiar flavors.

Our bountiful hills have everything other European winegrowing regions have – fertile soil, rich history, and intriguing mystery. During the 17th century, Hungary relished a wine culture rivaling that of France and Germany. Communism, however, with its emphasis on quantity over quality, temporarily changed the landscape. Now, with its fascinating past, centuries-old cellars, indigenous grapes, and a new generation of talented winemakers, Hungary is experiencing a renaissance in the world of wine. Some of the best wines you’ve never tasted are being produced right here.


Ripe for you to discover.

Nimród Wines are crafted in the picturesque town of Eger where wine production dates to nearly a millennia ago when French monks first toiled the mineral-rich, volcanic soil with the skills they pioneered in Burgundy. Today, in the land known as the “Burgundy of Hungary,” we produce small batches of complex, terroir-driven wines, wedding traditional viticulture practices with modern technology to create some of the most elegant, drinkable, and lovable wines.


If you speak wine, you speak Hungarian.

Don’t let a hard-to-read language with excessive diacritics and accents stop you from enjoying the perfect pour. If you speak family gatherings, al fresco dinners, girls’ nights, and Wine Wednesdays, then we speak the same language.


And do we have a mouthful for you.

If you speak wine, you speak Hungarian.