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The Number that Started it All.

There Are 70,243 Reasons to Drink Nimród Wines.


On June 26, 1971, Nimród Kovács became Hungarian refugee #70243 after swimming across the Gulf of Trieste to Italy to escape communist Hungary and the Iron Curtain. He gained asylum in the United States, put himself through college, climbed the ladder of corporate America, and became an internationally successful businessman and winemaker.

Refugee ID card #70243 is still in Nimród’s possession – a constant reminder of his determination, tenacity, and grit – the same qualities he puts into every vine, barrel, and bottle at his winery in Eger, Hungary. From the vineyard’s rich history dating back to the 11th century to the stories poured in every glass, there are 70,243 reasons to drink Nimród Wines. But when it tastes this good, how many reasons do you really need?

Follow the Reasons

#7 - Our Soul Syrah is the 7th wine varietal in our Wine Shop.

Made in a Northern Rhône style, it's perfect for beef bourguignon or dinner a deux. The volcanic soil of our Nagyfai and Nyilasmár Monopole terroirs add explosive flavors of fruit, oak, and spice to this 100% Syrah wine.

#12 - Keep the fun flowing with twelve bottles of wine delivered to you in a year.

We’d like to induct you into the Stems Wine Club and keep the wine and wonder of Eger flowing throughout the year - 2 shipments (6 hand-selected bottles - 2 whites, 4 reds - in each shipment - one in the fall and one in the spring.)

#22 - A wine hectare is about 2.5 acres of grape-growing paradise.

Crafting exceptional Hungarian Nimrod Wines in Eger, our 22-hectare vineyard embodies tradition and innovation. Every bottle reflects the terroir's essence, offering a captivating taste of Eger's beauty and heritage.

#25 – Other Hungarian wines play hard to get.

97% of the wine produced in Hungary is consumed by Hungarians. This is your chance to get a drip from those greedy wine lovers.

#60 – Tunnels of Love!

Beneath the rich and varied architecture of Eger lies 60 miles of tunnels that once provided building stone for the town as well as sanctuary from invading Turks. Today these mysterious tunnels serve as cellars to mature the unique wine produced in the Eger region.

#100 - One-Hundred Precent Kékfrankos

The refined cousin of our Blues Kékfrankos, our 100% Kékfrankos Grand Bleu wine hails from our limestone terroir, the Grand Cru Nagy-Eged Hill and the highest vineyard in Hungary. Expect unique minerality, complexity, and sophisticated urbanity. Grand notes of plum, cherry, chocolate, tobacco, and nutmeg keep getting grander with age. Less than 3,000 bottles of the 2017 Grand Bleu were produced.

#180 - Grapes, grapes and more grapes!

Immerse yourself in a delightful adventure brimming with grapes! Picture a wine barrel swirling gracefully with 180,000 grapes, working its magic to create 300 bottles, equivalent to 25 cases and 60 gallons of pure liquid joy. Here's to math that tastes this delicious!

#346 – Your one-upper neighbor doesn’t have any in his thermoelectric cooler.

Nimród Wines are only available to a select few. Expect hints of fruit, spice, and sweet, sweet jealousy.

#725 -  July 25 is National Wine & Cheese Day.

The history of wine and cheese pairings dates back centuries, originating from regional traditions, complementing flavors for a delightful experience.

#804 -  August 4 is National White Wine Day.

In our White Wine Shop, we offer two varietals - our Sky Furmint and our Battonage Chardonnay. Cheers! 

#811 -  August 11, the day Nimrod fell in love with wine.

On August 11, 1973, Nimród Kovács became a waiter at a restaurant in Denver, Colorado. On this day, he recalls discovering and falling in love with wine. Cheers to all of us!

#818 -  August 18 is National Pinot Noir Day.

Named for the beautiful 777 “Dijon” clone, there are a number of reasons you’ll love our 777 Pinot Noir

#828 -  August 28 is National Red Wine Day

While Bikavér, also known as “Bull’s Blood,” may be the signature red wine of the Eger region, Nimród Wines presents a full lineup of robust, ruby reds.

– Burgundy characteristics. Without the bougie ’tude.

The Eger region is known as the Hungarian Burgundy. We make wines just as easy to drink – and even easier to pronounce.


#1027 – NJK Day

October 27 is offically NJK Day, as it's Nimrod's Birthday.

#1133 – A percentage of proceeds go toward our Brix Project.

While you’re building your wine cellar, you’re also helping us build a better world through our charitable and philanthropic Brix Project.


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If you speak wine, you speak Hungarian.