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Battonage Chardonnay 2016

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$25.00 per Bottle

Premier Cru

Our Battonage Chardonnay is composed in a classical Burgundian style. Fresh fruit flavors of pear and apple are complemented by light notes of buttery toasted oak, underlined by a distinctive mineral character. It was aged on the lees in small French and Hungarian oak barrels, resulting in a Chardonnay that has an elegant freshness, vivid acidity, and a long, harmonious nish.


Vineyard Designation

Grand Superior

Other Notes

This wine pairs phenomenally with brie cheese, as noted by Németh Ági of hungarianwines.eu: "With a fairly high fat content, Brie’s primary character is rich and gooey. Chardonnay has plenty of body to match that creamy sensation. Plus, its bright acidity will cleanse the palate to keep the richness from becoming too overwhelming. We say: Kovács Nimród" Source: https://hungarianwines.eu/brie-cheese-with-hungarian-wines/

Wine Profile

Vintage 2016
Wine Style Dry White Wine
Appellation Eger
Barrel Aging Barrel Fermented & Aged
Bottling Date 2018
Alcohol % 13.2
Size 750 ml