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Eger’s historic Grand Cru and Premier Cru estate vineyards of Nimrod Wines sit at the same latitude as Europe’s most prestigious wine regions, where sunny days and moderate temperatures prevail. We have three prominent vineyards in the hills of Eger, which hold a 1000-year history of acclaimed viticulture.
We farm organically, so that the legacy of these extraordinary vineyard sites will continue for future generations. Over the past ten years, we carefully evaluated each location and re-planted the vines. Now, the grape varietals in each vineyard are matched to the unique terroir of the site, so that the grape’s distinctive characteristics are richly expressed.
Grand Cru
The Nagy Eged vineyard is Eger’s historic Grand Cru terroir, and we are blessed to call it our own. It perches steeply atop a solid limestone mountain. Here a southern exposure and sparse soils create concentrated, mineral-rich wines, worthy of lengthy cellar aging.

Premier Cru

Our two Premier Cru vineyards sit along gently sloping, rock-strewn hillsides. The temperate microclimate and granite soils yield beautifully balanced wines with generous fruit character, framed by our signature mineral notes.

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