' Nimrod Kovacs - Nimrod Wines


Nimrod Wines is the namesake of Nimrod J Kovacs, a retired business magnate who worked in the wild west days of cable television.

Nimrod grew up in Budapest under the Iron Curtain, when times were starkly different and the pervasive threat of communism reigned.

At age 19, Nimrod went on holiday and did not return. Instead, he swam across the gulf towards Italy while on the coast of modern-day Slovenia, becoming a refugee.

Nimrod eventually gained asylum in the United States and, not long after, began waiting at Cafe Promenade in Denver while putting himself through university.

From here, Nimrod climbed the ladder of corporate America, eventually becoming a cable television executive. Then, he returned to Hungary to oversee the launch of cable television and HBO in Hungary and Eastern Europe. After a thirty-plus-year corporate career, Nimrod decided to hang up his executive hat and pursue a passion he had gathered during his server days: wine.

Nimrod had long been a lover of wine, which he relished as he traveled around the globe. So in 2009, he retired and purchased a winery in which he was a partner and rebranded it as the Kovacs Nimrod Winery after extensive revitalization.

Nowadays, the Kovacs Nimrod Winery produces world-class wines with acclaim by the Wine Enthusiast, Janis Robinson, and the prior Top Sommelier of the world, Andreas Larsson.

Enjoy this video below that looks back at Nimrod's younger years to the present!