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An expression of Nimrod's ideal wine, the NJK is an ode to what is possible. Before releasing the NJK, we ensure it has been amply aged in both barrels and bottles to ensure it is ready to be enjoyed now, but it will only get better for the decades to come.

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$48.95 per Bottle

A bold yet refined experience in what Kekfrankos, the native Hungarian varietal, can become. This unique varietal reigns sumpreme in Eger and is a cousin to Gamay and Pinot Noir. Unlike our Blues, the Grand Bleu comes exclusively from our limestone terroir and requires little yield control and imparts unique minerality into this wine.

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$54.95 per Bottle

Named after the fabled Bull's Blood, our Jazz Superior Bikaver stems from the legends of the battle in the 16th century during which the Hungarians repelled the Turkish army. To celebrate this illustrious wine, we have blended five varietals harmoniously to create a beautiful Jazz composition that focuses on quality.

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