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About Nimrod Wines USA



Nimrod Wines is the namesake of Nimrod Kovacs and the US arm of the Kovacs Nimrod Winery, through which he hopes to share his contributions to the world of viticulture with seasoned travelers and wine lovers like yourself. Nimrod splits his time between Budapest and Denver, and is an avid lover of American wines and cuisines.

We focus on importing terroir-driven, award-winning wines from the Eger region of Hungary and sell directly to consumers through our online store. Additionally, we have retail and restaurant distribution in Colorado through Bottle Rocket Wine Works.

The States we currently ship to include AK, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, KS, MA, MN, NY, NC, TX, WA, and WY. If your State of residence is missing from this list, please reach out to us to inquire about ordering.

Blaine Christian oversees our US arm and has worked with Nimrod Wines since 2014. He resides in Colorado and is an avid wine lover, foodie, and traveler.